Clinical research studies are an important part of the development of future medical treatments and therapies.

We at INVESCLINIC have been dedicated to this cause for many time. Only by clinical trials and research is it possible to find newer, more innovative therapies. We believe that it is vital to contribute to the understanding and development through testing and investigational work.

INVESCLINIC  is proud that we can contribute and serve the medical community in helping to understand the diseases which affect our lives. Our broad range of medical research includes the fields of urology, sexual health, obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, family medicine, cancer research and more.


We help to find:

  • new treatments and therapies
  • more effective treatments than previously available
  • disease prevention therapies
  • new and/or improved medical devices

We’re a private, research-specific facility with 16 full-time research staff members who are completely dedicated and trained to conduct clinical trials. Additionally, we have a strong patient recruitment department and clinical and data quality assurance personnel to ensure our processes are accurate and complete.

Clinical Research Experience

Our trained and dedicated staff has many years of experience in the area of clinical research. The majority of our coordinators are Certified Clinical Coordinators. We hold our ethical standards and study completion foremost as we strive to complete our studies in a timely and productive manner. Our network of qualified physicians, nurses, and medical professionals give us the ability to accurately and effectively complete our clinical studies.